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Classic Fruits & Vegetable Juicer With Steel Handle from COLLISION

850.00 399.00

Easy turn handle for hassle free juicing, Stainless steel filter that deseeds the vegetables and fruits

All parts are detachable for easy cleaning, Made from stainless steel and plastic.

Patented anti-drip system for fresh and clear juice

Package Contents: 1-Piece Juicer with Steel Handle

Colour: Blue, Material: Plastic


The Capital Kitchenware classic fruit manual juicer is a easy and simple way to make healthy and delicious juices using your favorite vegetables and fruits. the juicer has a cold press juicer auger, suction base, easy lock system and easy to turn handle. the juicer preserves anti-oxidants and is perfect for making healthy juices.

it is lightweight, portable and compact. creates delicious juice just by turning the handle. it is perfect for making healthy detox juices as it preserves anti-oxidants. slow squeezing technology provides natural juice extraction that retains rich, vibrant flavors. the pressing happens without centrifugal action from traditional juicers, without heating the nutrients, and without mechanical shearing of the juice cells.

slow Juicing and squeezing technology gives you maximum juice output from your fruits or vegetables, maximum antioxidant benefits and full flavor as well.




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