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Fruit & Vegetable Mini Juicer with Waste Collector from DeoDap

649.00 249.00

  • All parts detachable, disassemble and clean, easy to assemble, dishwasher safe. It can saving lots of spaces, relax when used it and save time.
  • Ergonomically built for comfortable use and handy. Well-suited to juicing vegetables and fruits: watermelon, Apple, orange, celeries, pear, cucumbers, tomato, carrots, spinach or more.
  • portable and Lightweight, you could take it anywhere you want. Efficient and fast juicing, make maximum juice yield for you.
  • Easy to pack, store and carry for outings and picnics, manual, portable and extremely easy to use and clean (Juicer For Fruits and Vegetables)
  • Extract juice out of orange, grapes, pineapple, water melon, sweet lime, pomegranate, palak, tomato etc, handy and comfortable to use, easy manual operation with metal handle.


DeoDap Vegetable and Fruit Mini Juicer

Vegetables & Fruits Manual Juicer – Adopt a healthy lifestyle

The Manual juicer efficiently extracts the nutrients from the pulp of fibre of vegetables and fruits. serves you the elixir of nourishment. Drink vegetable and fruit juices daily with the help of the Manual juicer and watch your health glow with vitality and youth!

Removes seeds and pulp effortlessly

The juicer removes the seeds and pulp from vegetables and fruits effortlessly. Now enjoy your drink without the nasty feeling of a pulp or seed being stuck in your mouth. The grinder delivers a texture-free juice that is pleasant to drink.

Delivers nutrient rich and healthy juice

The juicer delivers juice that is rich in nutrients and healthy. It revitalizes your health with the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins. The juicer is designed in such a way that it retains the nutrients while juicing vegetables and fruits!


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